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The sales training you’ll find here has been developed and proven by working professionals and is presented by a sales manager and trainer with 25 years experience of coaching sellers in a wide range of roles.

Click around and you’ll find free tips, techniques, and ideas, eBooks and downloads, and professional courses, that are all tried and tested in real situations, not just classroom role plays, and you can start using them today to increase sales for you or your team.  

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Welcome to Sales Training Sales 

I'm Stephen Craine, a working sales manager and trainer that focuses on developing training from experience that works in real situations.

I've made a good living for over 25 years, as a salesman, a trainer, and a manager, using the training and techniques that are offered to you here, so you know it’s already proven successful and will work for you.  

What makes this training different is that it has been developed by working sales professional in real selling situations.

There are no complicated selling techniques that only work in role plays in the classroom. No mnemonics or long winded processes to remember, and no false sounding scripts written by other people. 

What you get here are simple skills, tips, and techniques, that many other successful sellers and managers are already using.

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Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

Selling Success using a sales process

Overcoming Sales Objections

How to Close a Sale

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